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GovPredict 2019 Year in Review

Written by Emil Pitkin on December 31, 2019

2019 was the best year GovPredict has ever had. As the year comes to a close, we look ahead with optimism to another period of tremendous growth for our team and success for our clients.

Since the beginning of the year, our team has tripled in size, and the number of clients we serve has tripled as well, but our mission remains unchanged: to build the best public affairs software in the world to help our clients win the best political and policy outcomes.

As the number and variety of GovPredict users has increased, so has the breadth of their unique workflows and goals. They have taught us how our product can evolve, and we are excited for the positive effect our product development will have on the lives of our clients as more corporations, campaigns, associations, and non-profits turn to GovPredict for help.

Here are a few highlights from the year.

Product Development

All product development is made in response to client feedback. Thank you for teaching us. In 2019, we released more than 30 new features and enhanced existing features to help our clients be more efficient and effective.


Data completeness

As of the end of 2019, Moneyball now hosts the only complete database of campaign contributions in the world.

Our intrepid Moneyball engineers have collected every single contribution record to every state and federal race over the last 20 years and have gathered millions of new records, including from the IRS.


We overhauled how data is collected from the FEC, to match how it is presented on the FEC interface exactly. A team of data quality engineers is now responsible for the human layer that ensures the data served to our clients is clean and reliable.

We introduced a “combined records” tool to allow our users to see the complete contribution history of anybody who’s ever donated, even if the person has donated with different nicknames, middle names, employer names. To wit, instead of having to look at 20 sources, our clients can now simply rely on Moneyball.

Speed and efficiency improvements mean that searches that took 5 minutes on the site now take 10 seconds -- and these would take a human several weeks by hand.

We are launching Moneyball 2.0 in January, which will mark a major milestone for the product. Stay tuned for a major announcement.


Stakeholder Management


We developed Stakeholder Management because our clients wanted a unified platform to mobilize and monitor the political involvement of their stakeholders. Stakeholder Management was a massive undertaking and is a brand-new product that ties together the entire GovPredict platform. It directly integrates with our Advocacy suite, the Hill Day app, and Moneyball. Maps and visuals make it an appealing place to engage with your stakeholders.

Here are some specific product features that were built and consolidated into the suite:

  1. Moneyball integration. Every time you visit a legislator’s page on GovPredict, you will see all the political contributions that your stakeholders have made to the legislator. This helps identify grasstops champions and makes for good conversation with Members of Congress.
  2. Hill Day integration. Every time you run a fly-in through the GovPredict Hill Day app, your advocates can take notes right in the app. You can immediately see what legislative offices your stakeholders have met with, what was discussed, and what requires follow-up. You’ll see where your coverage is strong and where more work is needed.
  3. Advocacy suite integration. See every time your stakeholders have participated in an advocacy campaign with Members of Congress or state legislators. See what they emailed, what they tweeted, and which super-advocate participated in every call-to-action.
  4. Maps, maps, maps. You can find the hot-bed of political activism in your organization. Stakeholder management will give you a map of everybody who’s given over $5,000 to a political campaign and has participated in at least one advocacy campaign, if that’s how you want to define political activism.
  5. All of your stakeholders in one place. Your members, your advocates, executives -- however you define a stakeholder -- are in one place, instead of scattered across Excel files and 3 other databases.


The advocacy suite saw the release of the Patch-Through Calling and Reporting products.

Patch-Through Calling

The objective of every call-to-action is for advocates to take action en masse. When advocates are told “find your Member of Congress, pick up the phone, and call,” participation rates will necessarily fall.

Advocates are busy, and taking action should be easy. What if there were a better way than making advocates note down the number they need to call, leave their browser window, and then dial the number? Now there is.

With Patch-Through Calling, all the advocate has to do is enter his or her phone number. They’re automatically matched with their elected official, and they simply get a call on their phone, patching them through to their elected official. This efficiency and ease-of-use means more calls placed to legislatures, a louder organizational voice, and better results in the advocacy campaigns.

Grassroots Reporting

Our clients wanted feedback during and after every campaign: how many congressional offices are being contacted? How many, and which advocates are taking action? Is there a clean, visual one-pager I can give to my boss?


Grassroots Reporting, launched this year, surfaces metrics like:

  1. How many, and which advocates took action.
  2. How many messages were sent, and what was written in each of them.
  3. Geographic breakdown to understand which regions had the most active advocates.

This information allows our clients to more effectively analyze, test, and plan successful advocacy campaigns.



Hill Day App

In a major enhancement to the GovPredict Advocacy suite, we are proud to announce that our Hill Day App was pushed live and used by over 3,000 advocates in 2019. In keeping with growth trends at GovPredict, we project this number to triple in 2020.

The features our clients requested for the Hill Day App and which we built include:

  1. Every advocate’s meetings are easily uploaded on the back-end and then show up conveniently for the advocate on his or her app. The meetings sync with the phone's native calendar and make it easy for advocates to know where to go and what to say.
  2. Meeting changes generate an automated push notification. This means that our clients don’t have to email 40 advocates when a Representative moves a meeting. The system takes care of the hassle.
  3. Advocates have access to one-pagers, maps of Congressional offices, and other documents to take the logistical stress out of Hill Days for everyone.
  4. Advocates can log their notes post-meeting using text, audio, or even photos directly into the app, so that our clients have a record of every conversation and any required follow-up and can analyze feedback from all of their advocates in one centralized space.

Behind the scenes

In addition to the features of the GovPredict platform, we’ve focused on speed and data quality. Our devops and data quality teams have worked tirelessly to make the site responsive, fast, and bug free.

A completely revamped user interface brought logic to the different product suites. It will continue to evolve as our clients give more feedback.

Emphasis on customer success led to important improvements like integrated support tools and content to let our clients better communicate with our customer success team. As we had hoped, quarterly lunches with clients have proven a happy addition to GovPredict practice.

Careers at GovPredict

We are proud that passionate, talented, and collegial team members in customer success, design, engineering, product management, and sales have given of their talents and shared them with GovPredict and our clients.

We would like to mention by name the two talented executives who joined the GovPredict executive team in 2019

John Brezinsky - VP, Marketing

John is a marketing veteran, with experience growing teams and building them into lead-generating powerhouses. Over the course of 13 years, he has worked for companies such as CQ Roll Call and Pearson, where his successful campaigns and deep market knowledge drove sales growth and brand equity.

He describes his approach as “laser-focused on honest, direct communication.” When he joined, he added that “it’s no exaggeration that GovPredict has the best tools for government relations software. It’s time to let everyone know exactly what makes the platform different.”

Michael Weaver -- VP, Sales

Michael has been building high-functioning sales teams for the last 10 years. With a passion for developing sales professionals, he has led teams at LivingSocial, FiscalNote, and SeaLights.

His formula for building a sales department centers around people, an amazing product, and a solid vision of the future. He said, upon joining, that “there are some good products out there, but GovPredict took the time to create an amazing government relations platform, and now it is our job to present it properly to our industry."

We’re Hiring

In 2020, we are growing every division at GovPredict. Our team is expected to at least double in size. If you are interested in learning more about current opportunities at our company, please visit


We would like to extend our gratitude to those in the Government Relations community who have supported us this year. Our partners and colleagues who have graciously promoted us in private and public do not go unnoticed.

We thank, among others, ASAE for our abiding and mutually reinforcing partnership. Thank you for allowing us to support Association Day with the Hill Day app, and for your generous comments about us to your members. We would also like to thank 202Works and Prime Advocacy for the important work that we have done together.

Being recognized as a provider of solutions that have not existed in the market is incredibly motivating for our company and inspires us to work ever more diligently to ensure we continue our pace of growth in the new year. Thank you all for the confidence -- and for giving us the opportunity to become valued partners in your professional life.

In Conclusion

We would like to thank each member of our team for their dedication, passion, empathy, and creativity. None of what we have accomplished this year would be possible without the unrelenting efforts of our incredibly talented team.

We thank sincerely our wonderful clients. Your exercise of the First Amendment strengthens democracy, and we are proud to play a supporting role in your incredibly important work. Your ongoing feedback in the product development process has provided us with invaluable insight into how we can improve. We appreciate your commitment to the hard work of policy and politics.

Here’s to an incredible 2020!