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Announcing TownIntel from GovPredict – Local Research and Tracking Tool

Written by Emil Pitkin on February 20, 2019

GovPredict, the next-generation political data tracking and research firm, announced it has launched TownIntel, a local research and intelligence product that provides customers the broadest and most detailed coverage of municipal policy and legislative activity on the market.

Simply put, TownIntel is the most in-depth and detailed legislative and policy tracking tool available for government affairs professionals, monitoring key ordinances and regulations considered by local governing bodies from the county and city levels, down to townships and municipalities.

“As the government affairs profession continues to shift its focus to state and local, TownIntel is exactly what GA teams need to effectively run campaigns for their causes,” stated GovPredict CEO Emil Pitkin. “In today’s political environment with a divided and slow-moving Congress overlooking such heavily regulated industries as plastics, energy production, OTC drugs and opioids, firearms and more, government affairs pros must have local entities such as city, county, and town municipalities on their radar in order to be successful – and TownIntel is the answer.”

With TownIntel, users will be able to track keywords and phrases pertaining to regulations and policies, agendas, and meeting minutes from municipal entities including city councils, local school boards, municipal agencies, town and city boards, and county governments from across the country.

In addition, TownIntel users can set up and track policy keywords, create curated email notifications on progress, and even forecast upcoming municipal meetings where keywords may be discussed, including date, time, and location of the meeting.

Announcing TownIntel from GovPredict – Local Research and Tracking Tool About GovPredict
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