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April & May Monthly Update: New Look, New Data

Written by Emil Pitkin on May 21, 2019

You spoke. We listened.

Throughout April, the GovPredict team was hard at work on major improvements in two key focus areas: design and data. These points of emphasis came about as a result of the one-on-one conversations between our customer success and our customers, where our team gathered data on how they use GovPredict.

The insights we derived from these conversations were essential, and provided us with key areas where we could improve. In short, customers wanted more data, and they wanted it to be easier to use.

New Navigation Design

Great design has always been a key focus at GovPredict – “User Experience” is at the cornerstone of everything we do. If our platform is clean and easy to use, customers will be more productive and work will be more enjoyable.

We never want to hear “Why is it so hard to…” from our customers.

From our time gathering data, we determined a redesign of the GovPredict platform was necessary. Our new design houses all of the same features it previously did, but in a much easier-to-use format.

We had two main goals with this update:

1) You wanted faster navigation through GP as we rapidly add new capabilities.

Every customer has a unique workflow. It’s important that you can quickly work within the tools that matter to you. Our improved design makes things visually easier to use, and adding functionality like “breadcrumbs” ensures you can seamlessly navigate your work.

Further, the improved design allows for future expansion of products. As new tools become available, we want them to be in the forefront so that you can work to the best of your ability.

2) You wanted to see more of what you’re working on and fully utilize the screen space on large monitors.

Our old system was compressed, and felt cluttered. This was especially evident on certain screens with larger displays. The new navigation allows you to fully utilize your screen, with a more open design that poses less distractions while you’re working.

  • Below are some specific examples of improved usability:
  • The navigation pane stays open while navigating to other pages by using a clickable pin
  • Improved search bar that displays search results in a smarter, more organized way
  • One-click access to profile and organization settings simply by clicking your profile image
  • Our new “magnifying glass” pulls up a quick search for federal legislators, committees, caucuses, and federal bills
Our engineering team is already hard at work on new, more visible features. Expect improvements to Dashboard, Grassroots, and more over the coming weeks and months! Special thanks to Jon Nemeth, our new Director of Design at GovPredict and the design lead for this project.

Better Data

Compiling millions of documents, political donations, social media and more into one easy-to-use platform for public affairs campaigns is a complex enterprise. And it’s compounded upon when adding our proprietary tools like predictive analysis into the mix. For example: our “Cosponsor Oracle” tool — which finds potential legislative cosponsors based on numerous factors including previous legislative activity.

This update is important so you know what our team is working on and know that we take data reliability seriously. As government relations professionals you need up-to-the-minute and accurate data to power your decisions.
GovPredict’s engineering teams have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring an all new data engine for state intelligence, federal legislators, and social media.

With this update, we’ve reengineered:

  • State Intelligence: Millions of bills, 44.9 million votes, 15,520+ legislators
  • Federal Intelligence: Directory, congressional record and deep analysis of congress and staff
  • Social Media: 16 million social media accounts for members of Congress, state legislators, and governors

You can now guarantee that GovPredict’s data are the most reliable and timely in the industry.

We understand there may be a learning curve for our existing clients. If you have any questions, please get in touch. A member of our customer success team is always available to walk you through the new design, so you can get back to working on things that matter. And hopefully, work even better than before.

If you are not a GovPredict client and would like to know more, you can request a demo here!