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Our Thoughts on the ASAE 2019 Annual Meeting

Written by Emil Pitkin on August 8, 2019

It’s that time of year again! We’re gearing up for the exciting ASAE Annual Meeting of 2019.

This year is going to be so big, that even Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning will be there. Furthermore, the agenda is packed with incredible content. Expect to learn new ideas, trends, and best practices for association professionals.

One of our favorite additions this year is “The Hive,” a common area designed to spark conversations between event attendees. Be sure to pass by The Hive, if you have time, and would like to meet new people! That’s not all we’re excited about, however.

As proud ASAE partners, we relish the opportunity to connect with forward-thinking associations executives. It allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is most important to associations in the public affairs campaigns. For this reason, we are excited to announce some new features at GovPredict.

Patch Through Calling

We wanted to give our clients a new way for advocates to contact their legislators. Social media and email have been powerful tools, and now our clients have phone too.

With an easy, mobile-friendly app, your advocates can now contact legislators via phone calls using our “Patch Through Calling” feature. Advocates are connected to the direct line of the legislator you wish to contact; and from within the app, will have access to a pre-written script you provide, ensuring advocates touch on all of the most important points for the issues that matter to you.

Once you’ve finished with your grassroots campaign, you’ll be able to download an export with data on each call made, which can be used to analyze and improve your messaging.

Grassroots Reports

The true power of grassroots campaigns comes from the ability to track campaigns over time and draw actionable insights from the results of those campaigns. Knowing the messaging and specific method of communication (email, social or phone) that have been successful in the past can improve your odds of success in the future.

Our new Grassroots Reporting dashboard allows you to do just that. Now, you can analyze the results of individual campaigns, and company-wide across all of your campaigns using a visual reporting dashboard.

The dashboard informs you of all the most important metrics, such as:

  • Number of advocates taking action
  • Number of messages sent
  • The top states for advocacy (based on the number of messages sent)
  • Percentage of messages that were edited by advocates

If you want to take things out of the dashboard and offline, you can download reports in a nicely designed PDF form to share and collaborate with your team. Grassroots reporting gives you full transparency over your campaigns.

Stakeholder Management

Record information and every interaction with your stakeholders with our powerful GRM tool (Government Relationship Management). Our new update allows you to create detailed profile pages for every advocate in your ecosystem, with deep integration into our data-sources to help pre-populate stakeholder information.

With Stakeholder Management, you can build out stakeholder pages to include the following:

  1. District information with a visual “Legislator Map” showing the legislators in the district of your advocates.
  2. Personal information such as name, phone, email, organization, and address.
  3. Transactions to show the entire contributions history of your stakeholder

You can also add stakeholders to segmented lists or tags, to stay organized in your work and allow your organization to create more seamless collaborative campaigns.

Beyond the sunny skies, Brad Paisley, and a rock-solid conference agenda, one thing is certain – if you’re attending the ASAE 2019 Annual Meeting, you care deeply about making sure that the future is bright for you and your association.

If you have any questions or concerns about how best you can succeed and support the interests of your association, contact our team at GovPredict. The innovative tools and attention to detail we bring to our products are second-to-none, and our only focus is to help you succeed.

Whether it’s fundraising and PAC growth, grassroots tracking and advocacy, member mobilization, or outreach to elected officials – GovPredict wants you to win! 

Contact GovPredict today, or make sure to chat with us at the conference. See you there!