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ASAE American Associations Day “Fly-In” A Success With The Help Of Hill Day Mobile App

Written by Emil Pitkin on April 11, 2019

The American Society of Association Executives recently held their annual American Associations Day “Fly-In” in Washington, DC. The 2019 Associations Day provided a great opportunity for association executives from all across the U.S. to gather in the nation’s capital for a few days of meetings, and to visit with members of Congress about important legislation and relevant policies.

ASAE members who attended participated in multiple panel discussions on best practices to consider during association fly-in days, meeting with Members of Congress and their staffs, and even heard from ASAE leadership, including Vice President of Public Policy Mary Kate Cunningham.

One of the most interesting discussions of particular value for fly-in attendees was a role-playing panel discussion. This conversation offered advice and explored the most effective techniques for association members to us when advocating for their organization and particularly important issues when in a meeting with lawmakers and their staff.

But perhaps most exciting of all for the 2019 American Assocations Day fly-in was the fact that ASAE partnered with GovPredict to organize and help power member meetings and scheduling through the use of GovPredict’s smartphone mobile app, Hill Day.

Hill Day offers fly-in organizers a user-friendly mobile phone app for members to stay organized with meeting agendas, office directions, legislator biographies, Member office staff specialists, and even the ability to upload meeting notes for all members to review.

ASAE’s VP of Public Policy Mary Kate Cunningham stated, “GovPredict’s Hill Day app made it easy for our attendees to keep track of meetings, look up information on legislators, and easily find our talking points on our issues. The app helped us have a more organized and successful legislative day this year.

Here, in this short video, GovPredict Founder and CEO Emil Pitkin spoke with ASAE’s Nathan Fisher about the highlights and benefits to ASAE for using Hill Day for 2019’s fly-in. Click here, or on the image below to watch!

If you would like a demonstration to see how GovPredict’s smartphone mobile app Hill Day can help power your association’s Washington, DC member fly-in, click here to contact us!