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State Regulations Added to GovPredict Government Affairs Platform

Written by GovPredict on June 3, 2020

State regulations move fast. Now, GovPredict clients can track, manage, and respond to state regulations in the same powerful platform they use for state bills, local documents, and federal bills and regulations.

Laser-Focused Searches and Alerts

state regulations search results

There are thousands of state agencies issuing rules and announcements all the time. You need to know about every proposed regulation that affects your organization and you don’t have time for a lot of irrelevant alerts.

GovPredict’s search and alert capabilities allow you to go much, much further than simple keywords. You can set limits on how close the words must be or even turn on fuzzy searching to get similarly spelled words.

Hone in on specific states or even specific agencies. Being able to filter your search by agency is huge, because your keywords might come up in other agencies that don’t affect your organization. 

You can even search by the latest publication date or the comment period, critical for finding regulations at exactly the right time.

Once you’ve identified a regulation that matters, track every change and every new document in our easy-to-use platform.

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Rich Data

state regulationThere is so much more to state regulations than simply the proposed rule. GovPredict provides everything you need in order to chart your course. 

To begin with, we add every supporting document to a regulation right alongside the rule itself. Whether these come from the agency or the state itself, we organize it all in one convenient place.

We also tell you exactly what part of the state code each proposed regulation would affect, helping you to quickly identify its impact. To make things even easier, we include a link to that state’s site where you can read the code in its entirety. If more than one regulation affects the same part of the code, we keep them together.

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Collaborative Management Tools

state regulation add a noteTracking the regulation and reading the documents is only the start. GovPredict’s government affairs platform helps you do something about it. 

For starters, craft your own summary. Describe the regulation’s potential impact and your action plan. Save it directly on the regulation’s page.

Add the regulation to one of your topic pages. These pages serve as the organizational hub in GovPredict. Every bill, document, etc that is related to an issue is kept together. This way, you and your colleagues always know everything affecting that issue area.

Add a note. This seems simple, and it is. It is also quite powerful. GovPredict’s notes allow you to include messages for yourself and your colleagues. You can attach external files that are relevant. You can connect other bills or regulations. These helpful little tools allow you to make connections across the platform.

Export the regulation into a professional report. Include every data point that you want, including your summary. Add your own logo to the top, for a clean report for any stakeholders.

If you want to see GovPredict’s state regulations in action, request a demo today!

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