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GovPredict Platform Gets Streamlined New Structure

Written by GovPredict on October 2, 2020

GovPredict has revamped the organizational structure of its government affairs platform, making the premier system of record for GR work even better.

All of Government Affairs. One Platform.

GovPredict’s product suite is the fastest-growing toolset for government affairs. Teams choose GovPredict because it provides a single unified platform for everything they do. From legislative and regulatory tracking to stakeholder engagement and grassroots and grasstops advocacy, the work all gets done in one place.

“We spent months researching the most common tasks that government affairs professionals need to accomplish, and then we built a structure around them,” says CEO and Founder Dr. Emil Pitkin. “When we say that our clients are at the heart of our work, we really mean it. This platform helps them move faster and log more policy wins.”

GovPredict’s New Navigational Structure

Moving from left to right, the new menu provides quick access to the most popular areas of the platform and helps professionals get what they want with fewer clicks.


The People section offers a single hub for every person you interact with. Get quick access to legislators and staffers at the state and federal level, including federal agency and committee staff. Log meetings with internal or external stakeholders. Find detailed demographic information about every federal district.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - People

Legislation & regulation

Of course we include federal and state bills and regulations, and we also go much farther. Use this section to search for lobbying disclosures (LD-2 and FARA), get predictions on likely bill cosponsors (based on powerful AI), find the state legislators who are most effective at getting bills passed, and more.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Legs and Regs


Follow your issues as they make their way through committees. Get the most up-to-date information on federal and state committees, including staffer information. Check in on the federal hearings calendar and never miss any important event.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Committees


You need to be the most informed person on your issues, and the document database makes it possible. 19 different federal document types (including transcripts, CRS reports, and more). Governor executive orders and press releases. Local agendas, minutes, and more from more than 6,000 cities, towns, and counties.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Documents

Donor research

Previously known as Moneyball, this suite of tools allows you to dig deep into the data on political donations for every federal race (including hard-to-find data on 527 groups), state races, and even local races. Find out exactly how much your target donors are giving elsewhere and compare your committee’s receipts to your competitors’.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Donor Research


Everything for grassroots and grasstops. Add action widgets to any web page, organize a (virtual) Hill Day, send mass text-message campaigns, create sophisticated emails, and generate public-facing watchlists of state bills.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Advocacy


Create lists of bills or other documents to track. Update your email alerts using sophisticated search terms that only deliver relevant results. Get notifications every time a Member tweets about you. See every mention of your issues in local, regional, national, and global news outlets.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Tracking


Previously known as the Government Relations Manager, this is your one-stop-shop for everything your team does. Create notes after meetings. Upload your own files. Tag Members. @ mention colleagues. Create a single system of record for all government affairs work.

GovPredicts New Navigational Structure - Activity

What Today’s Announcement Means

The new navigational structure now gives government affairs teams a faster way to move across the platform and get work done. 

“We’re so excited about the new structure. It will help us be even more nimble in the coming months. And we’re going to need it. The lame duck session is when tons of meetings will happen. And the new Congress will mean lots of new Members and staff.”

--VP of Government Affairs, Large Corporate Client


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