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Written by Emil Pitkin on August 29, 2019

After many months of hard work, it is with pleasure we debut the launch of our new website.

The story begins with one core idea. We want to be able to communicate our value better to those who wish to partner with us.

Before GovPredict, public affairs software was clunky and siloed. We believe that our clients shouldn’t have to stitch together countless standalone apps to power their public affairs campaigns. We’ve taken the best, most essential tools for legislative tracking, grassroots advocacy and donor research and consolidated them into one hyper-connected and best-in-class platform. GovPredict is built for those who need to act fast in the ever-changing world of public affairs.

If you last researched into GovPredict a year, or even mere months ago, you would likely be surprised at the rapid-fire launch of new products and improvement of old ones. We have spent this year listening intently to our clients. Our platform is the result of that, and our new site is meant to help you understand what GovPredict does for public affairs professionals.

In order to make our platform more easy to understand, we’ve broken our products down into the following suites of tools:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Intelligence
  3. Moneyball

We’ll explain each suite in detail below.


Stakeholder Dashboard

If you need to help your membership engage and influence elected officials Grassroots campaigns, there is no easier and more effective solution than Advocacy. Your lobbying and advocacy efforts can reinforce each other. As soon as you learn about a legislative threat, set up an advocacy campaign in 5 minutes. This will keep your advocates informed, engaged and motived.

Here’s why clients choose to use Advocacy for their grassroots campaigns:

  1. It’s easy. Campaigns take 5 minutes to set up and post on your website.
  2. Multi-channel strategy. Your advocates can call, email, and use social media to take action.
  3. Legislative Campaigns. We automatically match advocates to their elected officials.
  4. Regulations, too.  Getting advocates to comment on proposed rules takes minutes.
  5. Metrics. Keep track of your campaigns in real-time and after they’ve ended with powerful reports.

Your advocates are your greatest asset. Make it easy for them to take action, to participate in a fly-in. Make it easy for yourself to collect metrics and collect feedback. Read more about Advocacy here.


It’s your job to know what’s happening on the Hill, in your state government, and in your local municipality. Intelligence will unlock your potential for influence by allowing you to stay apprised of legislation, regulation, and political chatter in Washington, all 50 states, and more than 6,000 cities and counties.

Here’s why clients love Intelligence:

  1. Rapid updates on bills and regulations. Track, research, and manage what’s happening in politics.
  2. Follow and analyze political social media chatter. Over 1000 social lists of the most important players.
  3. Whip lists of most likely cosponsors. Find your collaborators and champions.
  4. A trove of policy documents including CBO, GAO, CRS, Dear Colleague letters, and think tank research.
  5. Powerful team collaboration tools. Note-taking and timely collaboration tools for both web and mobile.

Our comprehensive database, tracking, social listening and collaboration tools means you’ll never miss a threat or opportunity again. Deep search tools and powerful alerts customized by issue area, keyword, and document type allow your team to collaborate and stay on top of every document impacting your organization. Read more about Intelligence here.


Moneyball is a research platform for campaign contributions. Now you can prospect for PAC donations, uncover your individual donors’ true giving capacity, and take advantage of millions of contributor records from the last 20 years.

Because Moneyball pulls from federal, state and even IRS reported contributions, you always see the full picture of money related to your organization, campaign, PAC or issues. Some of the features our clients love include the below.

  1. Access to millions of contributor profiles. Find out who’s giving to members of your committee, but not giving to you.
  2. Bespoke tools for PAC prospecting. Easily compare contributions across PACs and candidates.
  3. The most complete database in the industry. Data from state races, local races, and even IRS Schedule Bs.
  4. Create insightful reports. Compile and export your findings for your stakeholders and team members.
  5. Designed for you. Created by PAC and campaign professionals for PAC and campaign professionals.

What 4 staffers can do in a month, Moneyball can do in 60 seconds. Let Moneyball take care of the grunt work and free up your staff to be more strategic. Read more about Moneyball here.

Thanks for tuning in! We are excited about what the future holds, and hope the new site design allows you to understand the ways GovPredict can improve your public affairs campaigns.

If you think it’s time you stop stitching together standalone apps, wasting time on unproductive tasks and deriving minimal value from your data, please get in touch!

As always, you can get in touch with our team by emailing, or by requesting a demo here.