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Heading to Miami for the 2019 National PAC Conference? Confab to Aid Industry Trends, PAC Growth, Compliance & Networking

Written by Emil Pitkin on March 1, 2019

While the vast majority of the country continues to be bombarded with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures, the country’s most successful public affairs professionals and influencers have descended on the near-tropic weather and warmth of the sandy beaches of Miami for the annual National Public Affairs Council (PAC) Conference. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the 350+ attendees and are gearing up to hear about the newest trends within the public affairs space, to learn from industry experts on the newest leading best practices, and to network with public affairs colleagues from all across the country. As a National PAC Conference sponsor, GovPredict is excited you will be attending, and welcomes you to Miami!

GovPredict is the leading next-generation political data analytics company. We help our clients win by providing research, data analysis, and transparency tools the intersection of business, government, and campaigns – exactly the types of people attending the National PAC Conference.

Among the innovative tools GovPredict offers our clients is Moneyball, our signature product:

Moneyball provides users the most comprehensive and thorough database of campaign contributions in the world – covering all federal campaigns, all state campaigns, and all major local campaigns, as well as 527 organizations too. With Moneyball, you can:

– Uncover your members’ complete giving history — to state, local, and federal candidates, no matter how they spell their names or occupations.

– Find members who have given a little to your PAC, but a lot (10x or more) to other political causes — and discover new champions.

– Download instant comparisons between your PAC’s activity and the PACs of your industry peers and rivals.

– Even journalists use Moneyball to uncover complete contribution giving records during investigations and to glean previously inaccessible insight into changing political patterns.

Simply put, Moneyball is a must-have resource for anyone operating within a campaign, a PAC, or a SuperPAC. Contact us today to schedule a demo of Moneyball!

Additionally, as a PAC professional, you likely care about state and local level ordinances and public policy debates as well as federal issues. GovPredict offers GA pros GP Local, or TownIntel, providing users the most complete municipal and local-level policy coverage in the world. Create keyword monitoring for city council and municipality meetings. Scan and review local agendas and meeting minutes to track important issues. Plan for publicly announced upcoming hearings or discussions. Even create email alerts to track and stay immediately in-the-know. Whether you are a member of your PACs grassroots and advocacy staff, or a senior level PAC board member or Executive, TownIntel keeps you updated about your issue interests on all levels of government better than any other tool available.

Lastly, does your PAC role focus on leading the charge and task of organizing, mobilizing, and engaging your PAC membership during Capitol Hill visits, or national Calls to Action? GovPredict’s Grassroots tool is your one-stop-shop for success. With GP’s Grassroots tool, you can quickly engage your membership to contact elected officials on any level, submit and share replicable emails and social media posts, send email blasts to your key stakeholders to keep them apprised of important issues, schedule out Hill visits for your members with the click of an app on their smartphones, and even generate issue scorecards (complete with your branded logo) for your members to reference during their issue meetings. GP’s Grassroots keeps you and your members organized and at the top of your game better than any other grassroots advocacy tool.

GovPredict research and analysis have often been cited in the national press on numerous topics within the public affairs and policy ecosystems. And given how rapidly new technology and public affairs trends are changing, it’s no surprise there are numerous concerns among PA professionals on how to stay one step ahead. Luckily for you, the GovPredict team works around the clock with public affairs and government relations professionals every day to ensure they are equipped with the best tech tools available to help influence public policy on the federal, state, and local levels of government. And if you’re reading this and attending the National PAC Conference in Miami, you’ll want to speak with us. We want to help you win!

Beyond the sunny skies, the warm ocean breeze, and an educational conference agenda, one thing is certain – if you’re attending the 2019 National PAC Conference, you care deeply about public policy issues and making sure, as a public affairs professional, that the future is bright for you and your PAC members. If you have any questions or concerns about how best you can succeed and win in today’s political environment, you need to contact our team at GovPredict. The innovative tools and attention to detail we bring to our products are second-to-none, and our only focus is to help you succeed.

Whether it’s fundraising and PAC growth, grassroots tracking and advocacy, member mobilization, or outreach to elected officials – GovPredict wants you to win!

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