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ICYMI – ASAE Announces Expanded Partnership with GovPredict ahead of American Associations Day

Written by Emil Pitkin on March 21, 2019

Yesterday, Mary Kate Cunningham, Vice President of Public Policy at the American Society of Association Executives, sent the following email to ASAE members who will attend the group's upcoming 2019 American Associations Day fly-in announcing their expanded partnership with GovPredict. The expanded partnership means GovPredict will provide all ASAE member attendees with GovPredict's cutting-edge mobile app, Hill Day.

Read the full email from Mary Kate to ASAE members below.

Click here to learn more about GovPredict's Hill Day mobile app. And click here for more information about ASAE.


Good afternoon,

It's hard to believe that ASAE's 2019 American Associations Day is just over a week away. This year, ASAE has decided to expand upon our existing partnership with GovPredict to power our Associations Day fly-in. Part of that will mean GovPredict will provide all our attendees with their cutting-edge mobile app, Hill Day, available for both iPhone and Android. With all the advance planning and coordination required for such a large-scale and successful fly-in like Associations Day, we wanted an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop resource for members to use. Simply put, GovPredict's Hill Day is the cleanest and best-functioning app we've seen.

Hill Day is the companion app that our advocates will use to plan and execute our agenda on Capitol Hill. You will be able to quickly and easily view your schedule (synced with your calendar), review important talking points ahead of congressional meetings, leave notes + photos + voice memos about these meetings, view useful legislator biographies, and receive push notifications & emails when an event is changed, added, or canceled.

The Hill Day app is here to make your advocacy visits an effortless success, and we're here to help ensure that success in any way we can. You can read more about the Hill Day app here.

We couldn't be more excited for this year's Associations Day. Our team looks forward to working with you all to make sure your day is a success. To help us ensure that success, a GovPredict representative will also be available to assist with downloading the app for those that need it, as well as answering any how-to questions and offering guidance on using Hill Day.

Once again, we're excited for ASAE's American Associations Day, and look forward to being in touch with you in the coming days.

 Mary Kate Cunningham

Mary Kate Cunningham, CAE
Vice President, Public Policy
ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership