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Announcing TownIntel, Miami PAC Conference + More from GovPredict

Written by Emil Pitkin on March 11, 2019

It’s already been a fast-paced 2019, and we have some important updates we want to share with you now. Here’s what today’s newsletter includes:

  • Announcing: TownIntel Local Intelligence
  • Featured in Press: National Media Stories including GP Political Contribution Research
  • Attending Public Affairs Council 2019 National PAC Conference in Miami

Announcing: TownIntel Local Intelligence

The GovPredict Team is excited to announce the launch of TownIntel, our local research and intelligence tool that provides users the broadest and most detailed coverage of municipal policy and legislative activity available to you.

TownIntel tracks more than 5,000 U.S. municipalities and 1,800 counties through simple search and keyword filters. Simply put it’s the most in-depth legislative and policy tracking and early warning tool available for government affairs professionals, monitoring key ordinances and regulations considered by local governing bodies from the county and city levels, down to townships and municipalities.

Here is a preview of what it does:

Announcing TownIntel, Miami PAC Conference + More from GovPredict Announcing TownIntel, Miami PAC Conference + More from GovPredict

Recent Press Highlights Including GovPredict Analysis & Research

The past few months have been an exciting stretch for the GovPredict Team and the analysis & research we’ve assembled related to current advocacy and political trends. Our team continues to highlight the unique and impactful ways our products, including Moneyball, can benefit users with the research and analysis available. Major media outlets have covered out reports, and a few of these recent stories include:

CNN Politics: Politicians Are Increasingly Using Profanity Online – Using GovPredict Analysis, CNN Politics recently reported, “The rate at which politicians in Congress and state legislatures use expletives on social media has risen dramatically, according to data from GovPredict, an analytics firm.”

The Washington Examiner: Starbucks Employees Gave Far More to Democrats Over the Last 15 Years, Analysis Says – “According to data compiled and analyzed by GovPredict based on public campaign and tax records, Starbucks employees have given more than $1 million to Democratic candidates, committees, or associated groups during the past 15 years, far less than to Republicans.”

The Boston Globe: Double-Standard for Potty-Mouthed Politicians – “If there’s anything weirder than hearing a politician shout the four-syllable curse word that starts with “mother,” it may be hearing it from a woman politician, recounting a conversation with her adolescent son. True, the public discourse is growing ever coarser — as an analytics firm called GovPredict confirmed with a recent report called “Potty-Mouthed Politicians.”

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Public Affairs Council 2019 National PAC Conference Success:

The GovPredict Team recently traveled to the warm sunny shores of Miami, Florida for the Public Affairs Council 2019 National PAC Conference. As a PAC Conference sponsor, GovPredict was excited to meet up with more than 350 of the country’s most successful public affairs professionals and influencers, to hear about the newest trends within the public affairs space, learn from industry experts on the leading best practices for compliance and PAC growth, and to network with public affairs colleagues from all across the country.

Our CEO Emil Pitkin addressed conference attendees and highlighted our signature product, Moneyball, and how it is the must-have tool for public affairs and government relations professionals interested in growing, mobilizing, and optimizing their PACs for advocacy success.

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