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2019 Public Affairs Council National PAC Conference in Miami – What’d You Miss?

Written by Emil Pitkin on March 8, 2019

If you’re a public affairs or government relations professional, and were not among the lucky ones to attend this year’s Public Affairs Council National PAC Conference in Miami a few days ago, don’t feel too bad. We’ve got you covered!

Sure – you missed out on the fantastic sunny and warm Miami weather, an amazing event schedule jam-packed with discussions from PA and GR thought leaders and influencers, and a wonderful opportunity to network with talented industry professions. But fortunate for you – the GovPredict team was there in full force, and we have a few of the highlights and relevant takeaways from our standpoint.

What happened? The National Public Affairs Council (PAC) Conference included nearly 450 attendees who gathered to hear about the newest trends within the public affairs space, to learn from industry experts on the newest leading best practices, and to network with public affairs colleagues from all across the country. As one of the National PAC Conference sponsors, GovPredict was excited to attend and meet so many great folks.

GovPredict also commends the continued evolution of the National PAC Conference and its ongoing embrace of digitally transformative technologies into old school advocacy.

What was discussed? As the National PAC Conference wrapped up, attendees left after hearing in-depth conversations covering a wide-range of PAC growth and optimization best-practices. There were also plenty of interesting debates which highlighted the current legislative and regulatory headwinds impacting the future validity of corporate PACs and political organizations.

Additional Takeaways for PA and GR Professionals:

  • In a time of political uncertainty, GovPredict provides advocacy command and clarity by featuring the most comprehensive public affairs platform in the market. GovPredict is the only solution platform that provides public affairs professionals with full legislative and regulatory analytics paired with the most powerful PAC optimization data-base.
  • Navigating PAC growth and optimization is becoming more complex in an ever-increasing regulatory regime. GovPredict’s signature product, Moneyball, offers our clients an unmatched political database that enables PAC managers to quickly identify hidden gems among a vast sea of advocates. “There is always money if you know where to look!” stated GovPredict’s Founder and CEO Emil Pitkin, who spoke to conference attendees for a few moments.
  • Conference attendees who stopped by the GovPredict table and saw Moneyball demonstrations voiced how impressed they were with the time-saving value proposition, as well as the full profile data captured in Individual Search that they may otherwise not see, being left with incomplete donor profiles. Moneyball gives clients the most comprehensive donor intelligence across multiple addresses, occupations, and ways of your name being listed.
  • Corporate PACs are encountering significant political and legislative headwinds.  Companies and their advocates must be organized and prepared to take action. GovPredict tools like TownIntel and other research and intelligence products ensure these professionals are the most prepared and knowledgeable among their industry colleagues.
  • The winners of the advocacy game will need cutting-edge and powerful information technology tools to better identify and influence the true sentiment of the court of public opinion.

Simply put, GovPredict is the leading next-generation political data analytics company. We help our clients win by providing research, data analysis, and transparency tools the intersection of business, government, and campaigns – exactly the types of professionals who attended the National PAC Conference.

Whether it’s fundraising and PAC growth, grassroots tracking and advocacy, member mobilization, or outreach to elected officials, the innovative tools and attention to detail we bring to our products are second-to-none, and our only focus is to help you succeed!

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