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Two Major Upgrades to GovPredict

Written by John Brezinsky on December 9, 2020

Today, we launch a new way to triage, track, and manage your issues faster and more effectively. Keep all of the bills, regulations, legislators, and committees you track in one convenient place - My Feed.

Why My Feed Was Developed

We are only successful when government affairs professionals are successful, so we actively explore new ways to save you time and help you get more policy wins. 

In conversations with you, the same issues kept coming up. You told us that you needed:

  • A single page to triage new bills and regulations

  • A fast and easy way to assign priority and stance

  • A way to scroll through tracked items and see at a glance what their status is and what has changed

  • Strong integration with issue management and a way to tag colleagues

So that’s what we built.


Triage New and Updated Bills and Regulations

In addition to email alerts, My Feed maintains a constant list of everything alert that has come in, whether new bills or updates to existing items you’re tracking.

From this page, you can quickly decide whether a given bill is worth following. If not, simply delete it and it’s gone. If it is, assign a priority level and a position (support/oppose). 

Next, choose whether you want to get updates on the item. You can choose the frequency, from real-time alerts all the way through a weekly listing of updates.


Scan Tracked Items to See Status

Now that you’ve chosen what to track, My Feed also gives you a real-time status center. Simply look over the list of tracked bills, regs, legislators, and committees to see what’s happening.

This convenient listing of your tracked items saves you time. Sort by last action date, state, or priority to put what you want at the top. 

Tracking a large number of items? No problem. To narrow down to only a subset, choose from the filters on the side.

A Faster Way to Manage Alerts

My Feed saves you time every day. Sort and triage new bills or updates. Scan the list of tracked items and get an immediate update on their status.

Want to see it in action? Request a demo of GovPredict today.

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