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Vice President of Customer Success: Newest Leader at GovPredict

Written by GovPredict on July 13, 2020

Government relations software company GovPredict announced today the promotion of experienced leader Jenna Spinks to Vice President of Customer Success. Spinks rounds out the GovPredict leadership team, solidifying the company’s long-held belief in the importance of client relationships.


Jenna Spinks comes with a deep understanding of the needs of government affairs professionals. She spent years working in a Senatorial office, interacting with government relations representatives on a daily basis. At Deloitte, she advised public affairs teams and helped them drive their policy goals. 


Spinks takes the reins of the customer success team at GovPredict, a department already known for going the extra mile with clients. “I am humbled and excited to continue this journey with our clients, who make such a large impact on our policy landscape,” she says. “Our team will continue to work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their goals, develop customized plans to achieve those goals, and deliver best-in-class results.”


“When you’re growing as quickly as we are,” says CEO Dr. Emil Pitkin, “you have to find a real leader for your customer success team. I saw in Jenna someone who will advocate on behalf of clients and ensure each client is able to do their best work. She doesn’t just help them use software. She helps them solve problems. With Jenna in charge, I know that Customer Success will be in good hands.”


GovPredict is the fastest-growing provider of software for government affairs teams. The platform integrates information from legislative tracking, political donation research, stakeholder management, and grassroots advocacy, helping clients see patterns and connections in their own data