Modern, sleek, and successful year-round advocacy

Your advocates are your greatest asset. Make it easy for them to take action and even participate in a fly-in. Make it easy for yourself to collect metrics and collect feedback.

  • It's easy. Campaigns take 5 minutes to set up and post on your website.
  • Multi-channel strategy. Your advocates can call, email, and use social media to take action.
  • Legislative Campaigns. We automatically match advocates to their elected officials.
  • Regulations, too. Getting advocates to comment on proposed rules takes minutes.
  • Metrics. Keep track of your campaigns in real time and, after they've ended, with powerful reports.

Year-round advocacy

Let your lobbying and advocacy efforts reinforce each other. As soon as you learn about a legislative threat, set up an advocacy campaign in 5 minutes. Keep your advocates informed, engaged and motivated.

  • Amplify your voice

    Harness the power of your membership by easily connecting your advocates directly with their respective legislators.

  • Patch-through calling

    Seamlessly mobilize your grassroots team. Just setup and send and your legislators will literally hear your call - and the call of the 100s to 1000s of individuals supporting your efforts.

  • Hyper-targeted campaigns

    Direct your advocates to engage members of specific Congressional or state committees, caucuses, or delegations. Include or exclude legislators at will.

  • Identify your grass tops champions

    Identify which state, local, and federal elected officials your audience has a relationship with. Mobilize them when and where their voice is most effective.

  • Visualize your impact

    With Grassroots reports, you can easily identify core support via geolocation, the medium of choice (FB, Twitter, e-mail, phone), and what exactly your supporters said, and to whom.

  • Complete control

    You can freeze your messages, or make them editable, or make them editable in part. You decide how much control your advocates have over the message being delivered.

Advocacy- Reports
  • Seamless Hill days are possible

    It's no secret that running a successful Hill day is hard work. It involves setting up many meetings, fielding questions from attendees, communicating a clear message, and tracking down that one attendee who got lost in the other end of Rayburn. GovPredict is here to help.

  • Briefing materials at their fingertips

    Instantly access one-pagers, briefing documents, and talking points segmented by delegation or specific advocates.

  • Push notifications for the last minute meeting

    Members are busy and meetings get moved. Your advocates get updates in seconds whenever meetings are cancelled, moved or rescheduled.

  • Real-time note taking and feedback

    You can freeze your messages, make them fully editable, or make them partially editable. You decide how much control you have over the message being delivered.

Hill Day App

Meet Stakeholder Management

Empower your team like never before with dynamic segments, activity tracking, and the powerful Smart Things Builder.

  • CRM for the DC crowd

    Uncover who your best advocates and most influential stakeholders are automatically. Build dynamic lists from attributes and tags and watch as your lists update based off of activity like Hill day attendance, grassroots actions, and GRM notes and interactions.

  • GP-data-enhanced profiles

    Get a complete picture of your members, givers, stakeholders, or advocates with stakeholder profiles.

    From one profile, you can view activity history, grassroots activity, Hill day attendance, district information, custom fields, local documents related to your advocate’s locale, and much more.

Fully integrated into our suite

Only you know your members, advocates, and stakeholders. Combine the power of Intelligence with Moneyball and Advocacy tools to take your initiatives to the next level.

  • Intelligence

    Use Advocacy along with Intelligence to better inform your advocacy strategy. Learn More
  • Moneyball

    Discover more about your members, stakeholders, advocates, and competition with complete giving profiles. Learn More
  • And much more

    GovPredict provides flexible and powerful solutions that help you manage your campaigns, public affairs, and congressional offices.