Federal, State, and Local Intelligence

Stay ahead of legislation, regulation, and political chatter in Washington, all 50 states, and more than 6,000 cities and counties.

  • Rapid updates on bills and regulations. Track, research, and manage what's happening in politics.
  • Follow and analyze political social media chatter. Over 1000 social lists of the most important players.
  • Whip lists of most likely cosponsors. Find your collaborators and champions.
  • Trove of policy documents including CBO, GAO, CRS, Dear Colleague letters, and think tank research.
  • Powerful team collaboration tools. Note-taking and timely collaboration tools for both web and mobile.
  • Relationship management for public affairs

    Collaborative tools to track meetings, events, and notes with legislators, regulators, and staff so you can keep track of your team's progress.

  • Fully integrated solutions

    Gain deeper insight and control of your initiatives by connecting your GRM to intelligent database items like bills, staffers, and more.

  • The most up to date database of Congressional and agency staff in all of DC

    A database of staffer profiles that helps you make contact and know who you're talking to. Find staffers by their office and title, and make contact with one-click personalized email blasts

Intelligence Reports

Track and respond to everything

Use deep search tools and powerful alerts customized by issue area, keyword, and document type so your team can collaborate and stay on top of every document impacting your organization.

  • Agency Press Releases
  • CBO Cost Estimates
  • Committee Reports
  • Congressional Press Releases
  • Congressional Record Items
  • CRS Reports
  • Dear Colleague Letters
  • Executive Orders
  • Federal Bills
  • Federal Contracts
  • Federal Grants
  • Federal Proposed Legislation
  • GAO Reports
  • Governor Orders
  • Governor Press Releases
  • Live Hearing Updates
  • Local Documents
  • Official Hearing Transcripts
  • SAP Records
  • Social Media Posts
  • State Bills
  • State of the Union Addresses
  • Third Party Reports
  • Treaties

Fully Integrated into our suite

Our intelligence solution works natively with the rest of the platform. Advocacy, Moneyball, and the rest of our tools smartly and seamlessly connect to Intelligence.

Fully Integrated into our suite
  • Advocacy

    Use Advocacy along with Intelligence to better inform your advocacy strategy. Learn More
  • Moneyball

    Sync GP's Government Relations Manager with the world’s most complete database of campaign contributions. Learn More
  • And much more

    GovPredict provides flexible and powerful solutions that help you manage your campaigns, public affairs, and congressional offices.