Headed to NCSC 2019? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Emil Pitkin June 28, 2019
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On June 30th, the country’s most successful Charter School professionals and influencers will descend on the lively Las Vegas strip for the annual National Charter Schools Conference. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the thousands of attendees and are gearing up to hear about the newest trends within the Charter Schools space, to learn from industry experts on the newest leading best practices, and to network with colleagues from all across the country. 

Here’s a fun fact. Since 2013, there have been an average of 390+ State Bills introduced or reintroduced per year that mentioned Charter Schools. With Charter Schools a growing area of legislative interest, effectively tracking and responding to public policy is of utmost importance.

As a National Charter Schools Conference sponsor, GovPredict is excited you will be attending!

How We Help Public Charter School Associations

GovPredict is the leading next-generation political data analytics company. We help our clients win by providing research, data analysis, and transparency tools at the intersection of business, government, and campaigns.

Given how rapidly new technology and public affairs trends are changing, it’s no surprise there are numerous concerns among Public Charter Schools on how to stay one step ahead. To win, you need the best tech tools available to help influence public policy on the federal, state, and local levels of government. As State Charter Schools, we suggest you employ our 3-step strategy for public affairs.

Step 1: Identify Your Threat

Focus first on identifying threats through monitoring movement in legislation as well as campaign contributions. This information is pertinent to determining the crucial areas where you will mobilize your supporters using Grassroots campaigns.

As a State Charter School, you likely care about state and local level ordinances and public policy debates. GovPredict TownIntel and State Intelligence keep you updated about your issue interests on all levels of government better than any other tool available with the most complete state, municipal and local-level policy coverage in the world.

  1. Receive instant alerts to your email whenever there are new pieces of Federal or State legislation, or updates to existing bills mentioning Charter Schools.
  2. Track local and county agendas and minutes to find local champions — both legislators and citizens.
  3. Find updated Federal Legislative/Agency Staffer info in a couple of clicks and connect with key contacts in minutes using our outreach tools.

Our signature product, Moneyball provides you with the most comprehensive database of campaign contributions — covering all federal campaigns, all state campaigns, and all major local campaigns, as well as an additional 527 organizations. With Moneyball, you can:

  1. Uncover your members’ complete giving history — to state, local, and federal candidates, no matter how they spell their names or occupations.
  2. Find members who have given a little to your PAC, but a lot (10x or more) to other Charter School causes — and discover new champions.
  3. Download instant comparisons between your PAC’s activity and the PACs of your industry peers and rivals.

When combining these tools, you’ll have the ability to derive a complete picture of legislative and campaign contribution on-goings, the groundwork for the next two steps in this campaign.

Step 2: Educate Yourself Through Social Listening & Vote Comparisons

Bernie Warren- Comparison

After identifying key legislators and potential campaign contributors, it’s important to educate yourself on their public opinion and voting behavior. This can be done using our Social Monitoring and Voting Affinities tools.

Tracking the social media posts of these key legislators and campaign donors will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the issues that matter to them. This is valuable insight that will help you understand their political leanings, which can be used to devise your communicative strategy in Grassroots campaigns.

GP Voting Affinities can further your depth of knowledge by showing you a side-by-side comparison of the voting history of select pairs of federal legislators. You will find:

  • The number of bills they voted the same
  • The number of bills they voted differently
  • The percentage of bills on which they vote the same

This information creates a vivid, detailed picture of their legislative interests and voting behaviors. Armed with the knowledge of affiliations and bill history, it’s time to mobilize your supporters.

Step 3: Take Action With Grassroots Advocacy

Once you have devised your communicative strategy to best speak to the interests that matter to your targets, you are ready to lead the charge of organizing, mobilizing, and engaging your membership with coordinated Grassroots campaigns.

These campaigns can involve Capitol Hill visits, or national Calls to Action with digital-first execution. With GP’s Grassroots tool, you can:

  1. Engage your membership to target elected officials on any level using replicable emails and social media posts, urging them to take action on the bill in question.
  2. Embed forms into your web page or email campaigns that advocates can fill out, to be sent directly to legislators or staffers.
  3. Have your advocates leave comments on proposed rules in a few clicks, with a simple form on your website that syndicates comments to the respective regulations page.
  4. Schedule out Hill visits for your members with the click of an app on their smartphones, and even generate issue scorecards (complete with your branded logo) for your members to reference during their issue meetings.
  5. Send email blasts to your key stakeholders to keep them apprised of important issues

Whether you’re supporting or opposing regulations, lobbying your supporters to communicate with legislators and block harmful bills, or  proactively connecting with potential sponsors for your budding legislation — GovPredict provides you with the tools you need to win.

Public affairs is a complex process, involving multiple facets of strategy and execution. It’s important to have the tools you need to be informed, organized and efficient.

By following our three step strategy plan, you will ensure you are ahead of the pack, and ready to support the interests of your constituents.

Beyond the sunny skies, the bumping Las Vegas Strip, and an educational conference agenda, one thing is certain – if you’re attending the 2019 National Charter Schools Conference, you care deeply about Charter School public policy issues and making sure that the future is bright for you and your association.

If you have any questions or concerns about how best you can succeed and support the interests of your Public Charter School, contact our team at GovPredict. The innovative tools and attention to detail we bring to our products are second-to-none, and our only focus is to help you succeed.

Whether it’s fundraising and PAC growth, grassroots tracking and advocacy, member mobilization, or outreach to elected officials – GovPredict wants you to win! 

Contact GovPredict today, or make sure to chat with us at the conference. See you there!