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Announcing Hill Day App

Written by Emil Pitkin on December 17, 2018

It’s no secret that running a successful Hill day is hard work. It involves setting up many meetings, fielding questions from attendees, communicating a clear message, and tracking down that one attendee who got lost in the other end of Rayburn. These are not trivial tasks!

You’ve planned for months or even a year in advance for these one or two days that your advocates will be on the Hill. That’s one shot you get to make a lasting impression on both your advocates and their members of Congress.

Today, we are going to make it one step easier to coordinate your Hill day.

Enter: Hill Day

We are proud to announce the launch of Hill Day, our brand new app for iOS and Android.

Hill Day is the essential companion app for your advocates on their day in Washington. It allows your advocates to view their schedule, read talking points, leave notes + photos + voice memos about their meetings, view legislator biographies, and receive push notifications & emails when an event is changed, added, or cancelled.

It is backed by our powerful administrative tools that allow you to painlessly set up events, upload talking points, collect notes on the meetings, send out meeting change notifications, and more.

Let us take you through a few of the benefits of using Hill Day by GovPredict.

Ease of Use

Technology across every industry is becoming easier to use and more advanced. That means your technology stack needs to keep up with the level of convenience they have come to expect. For this reason, we have invested heavily into the user experience of our apps.

Below are some reasons for why Hill Day is easy to use:

  • Beautiful, user-friendly app interface
  • Automated emails with clear instructions to gain access to the Hill day
  • Simple, purpose-built app that does exactly what is needed as a companion to their Hill day
  • Push and email notifications on meeting changes, additions, and cancellations

By making things easier for your advocates, you improve the experience they have during your Hill days. This turns them into more powerful champions of your cause, more likely to leave notes on their meetings, and more likely to leave a lasting impression on the Hill office they visited.


GovPredict is much more than a Hill day solution. We have legislative monitoring, a campaign contribution database, grassroots advocacy tools, and much more.

We have built deep, native integrations with the other parts of the GovPredict platform. That means you’ll get more out of your Hill day because that data cooperates with the rest of GP. Plus, you’ll spend less switching between different software and more time focusing on running a good Hill day.

Better Results

We help you achieve better results from your Hill day. The first step in getting better results is getting more advocates to meetings. We have a robust set of features to make sure that every advocate makes it to their meeting — most importantly, notifications for meeting changes and navigation to the location.

The next step in getting better results is getting more feedback about the meetings. Getting more feedback allows you to direct your advocacy efforts past Hill day and into the rest of the year. To that end, we have integrated powerful note-taking where advocates can write notes, share photos, and leave voice memos regarding their meeting.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use Hill Day to improve your advocate experience and your results, please request a demo here and one of our Hill Day specialists will reach out to you.

As a reminder, Hill Day is just one part of the public affairs platform that GovPredict has built. See why we’ve been named #1 in Congressional tech by checking out our reviews here.