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Announcing Stakeholder Management & Patch-Through Calling

Written by Emil Pitkin on September 26, 2019

GovPredict is proud to announce Stakeholder Management and Patch-Through Calling, the latest additions to our all-in-one public affairs platform.

The idea behind Stakeholder Management is simple. It allows you to more effectively understand, engage, and activate your supporters both en masse and one-on-one. With Patch-Through Calling, we give your advocates more ways to connect with legislators.

Stakeholder Management

Use GP’s Stakeholder Management to keep track of your list of stakeholders, visualize them on a map, understand how each interacts with your organization, get them more involved in supporting your cause, and even capture new supporters through direct integrations with our Grassroots and Hill Day tools.

Let’s take you through a tour of some of the platform highlights.


See all of your stakeholders in one place. Perform advanced searches to discover the people you need. Add personal information such as name, phone, email, organization, and address. Manage tags and create lists so that you can easily access them later and allow your organization to create more seamless collaborative campaigns.

Visualize your stakeholders on a map as either markers or a heatmap. Toggle federal and state district map boundaries on and off. Discover where your strongholds are and where you need to expand your footprint most.

360-Degree View of Stakeholders

See, all in one place, every time a stakeholder has interacted with your organization. Below are some of the awesome features built into stakeholder pages.

  1. Grassroots and Hill Day actions & attendances from GovPredict are automatically added here as well as any notes or interactions you add from their profile or the Government Relations Manager.
  2. GP’s Stakeholder Management can pull data and actions directly from certain other software systems through our integrations.
  3. You can see a personal district map right on the stakeholder’s profile page to quickly identify his or her elected officials.
360-Degree View of Stakeholders

Why Stakeholder Management Matters

Our clients are increasingly affected by complexity in not only public affairs as a whole but also in their own office and day-to-day tasks. If project management and staying on top of the highly complex and nuanced task of stakeholder management is difficult for you, you’re not alone.

When you don’t have the full picture, it’s impossible to effectively initiate or respond to threats and opportunities with your stakeholders. Being given a place to track all of the interactions, details, and important information for each individual or organization that matters to you can result in massive organizational improvements, and more importantly, results.

Effective project management and timely communication can mean the difference between receiving or not receiving political contributions, legislative support, or grassroots advocate action. When you do have the full picture, you can rest assured knowing you don’t miss an opportunity.

Stakeholder management gives you the power to truly take control of your task.

Patch Through Calling

We wanted to give our clients a new way for advocates to contact their legislators. Social media and email have been powerful tools, and now our clients can take advantage of phone calls too.

With an easy, mobile-friendly app, your advocates can now contact legislators via phone calls using our “Patch-Through Calling” feature. Advocates are connected to the direct line of the legislator you wish to contact. From within the app, they will have access to a pre-written script you provide, ensuring advocates can effectively communicate your message.

Once you’ve finished with your grassroots campaign, you’ll be able to download an export with data on each call made, which can be used to analyze and improve your messaging.

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Not working with us, yet? If you think it’s time you stop stitching together standalone public affairs apps, wasting employee or staffer time on tasks that can be fast-tracked with technology, and deriving minimal value from your data, please get in touch!

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