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GovPredict CEO Announced as Newest ACCF Policy Leader Alongside Michael Roman

Written by Connor Ondriska on October 11, 2019

An exciting partnership has finally come to fruition via GovPredict CEO, Emil Pitkin, and the American Council for Capital Formation. We are proud to announce Emil’s joining of ACCF’s Board of Advisors, the ranks of which include former Chiefs of Staff, former Senators, and esteemed business executives.

Alongside Emil Pitkin joins Michael Roman, Founder and President of CertainPoint Strategies L.L.C., a consultancy that provides guidance on business trends, forecasts, and issues advocacy and engagement strategies.

We are charging forward with great enthusiasm and appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with leaders of such prestige.

Hear what Mark Bloomfield, President, had to say about the induction.

“We are honored and fortunate to welcome these two to ACCF’s policy team,” ACCF President and CEO Mark Bloomfield said. Emil Pitkin brings a unique perspective of Silicon Valley innovation to Washington policymaking. Mike Roman is a well-known and respected figure in Washington’s energy and trade policy circles. Both are true experts in their respective fields and will add significant depth to our team.”

This partnership opens new doors, which will allow GovPredict to stay at the cutting edge of government policy.

The ACCF has served, for more than 4 decades, as a liaison between Washington’s leading policymakers, the press, and representatives of the business community. Our deeper integration into this community will provide unprecedented, boots-on-ground insight into policy trends, which will be used to garner exceptional positive outcomes for our clients.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Michael, as well as express our gratitude to ACCF. To read the full announcement on ACCF’s website, click here.