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GovPredict Builds Team, Adds Jon Nemeth as Director of Design

Written by Emil Pitkin on April 1, 2019

, the Washington, DC-based non-partisan political data, research, analytics, and transparency firm, continued its 2019 momentum and announced a major new team member today, adding San Francisco-based product designer Jon Nemeth as the company’s first Director of Design.

“I’m extremely excited to join the GovPredict team during this amazing time of growth for the company. Like many when using GovPredict for the first time, I was absolutely blown away by the power and transparency that the platform provides,” Nemeth said. “As a designer, I’m greatly looking forward to shaping the next evolution of the platform, and continuing the legacy of GovPredict’s place as one of government technology’s most valuable players.”

“Jon’s the right addition to our team at exactly the right time as GovPredict continues adding clients and offering them modern tools to be more effective than ever,” added GovPredict Founder and CEO Emil Pitkin. “Jon’s impressive background and experience will allow him to jump right in, and help us continue to develop new tools and applications in the government tech space, and help our customers continue to be effective in their goals.”

Nemeth has an impressive background in website and application development. His previous track record and work experience includes personally leading development teams at Samsung, Mozilla, Facebook, Prudential, GE, BD BioScience, Shoretel (now Mitel), Tailored Brands (Men’s Warehouse, JosABank, etc.), BAE, as well as various military and government agencies.

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