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GovPredict Wins Prestigious Reed Award

Written by GovPredict on February 24, 2020

It’s wonderful to be recognized for the hard work you put into your products, and we just got some serious recognition.

Campaigns and Elections selected Moneyball as the winner of the 2020 Reed Award for Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Online Fundraising.

Why? Moneyball is the only tool that lets you search for past political donations in every state and federal race from one interface.

The Reed Awards

Named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, these annual awards embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design, grassroots & advocacy.

Reed Award winners represent the very best the political campaign and advocacy industries have to offer. 

The award for Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning in Online Fundraising has previously gone to boutique organizations, especially those that rely on a lot of human analysis.

This year, Campaigns and Elections chose to recognize the power that Moneyball provides to PACs and campaign committees.


The idea behind Moneyball is simple: combine every available public disclosure of political contributions into a single database. FEC, every state site, even IRS disclosures from 527 organizations. All in one place.

The results are spectacular.

Do you need to raise more money? In minutes, you can find donors who gave you $300, but gave thousands elsewhere. You can see people who gave to related PACs, but nothing to you. You get a complete picture of each donor’s full giving capacity. This kind of information allows you to be even more targeted in your outreach and create call sheets with much more detail than previously possible.

Do you want to track the flow of political money? With Moneyball, you can quickly see all of the donations across the political landscape. With an archive spanning 20 years, and the same connections of federal, state, and local races, you can report on the role played by political donations.

What a team of staff spend weeks researching, Moneyball can do in minutes.

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