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ICYMI: GovPredict Scores 95/100 From Lincoln Startup Review

Written by GovPredict on June 14, 2018

GovPredict, the leading next generation political data analytics company, recently scored an impressive 95/100 rating in the “Congressional Tech” category from the Lincoln Startup Review. The near perfect score by Lincoln highlights the innovation and unique advantages offered by GovPredict to key influencers and decision makers in the politics and policy space.

“I’m very proud of the GovPredict team for all our hard work to get to this point, and the high marks given by the Lincoln Startup Review validate our vision and efforts to provide a better tool to those making the important decisions in our nation’s capital and across the country,” stated Emil Pitkin, GovPredict’s founder and CEO.

“Impressively, Pitkin’s firm has excelled at producing a legislative monitoring and information repository that’s constantly changing. GovPredict is a user-friendly experience that could be a premium addition to any office’s tech stack.” – Lincoln Startup Review.

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GovPredict is the leading next generation political data analytics company, providing research, influence, and transparency tools to players at the intersection of business, government, and campaigns. To learn more about GovPredict, click here.